Programs for Adults

Grandmaster Jun 9th Dan Black Belt, and his team of experienced black belts, lead our adult Taekwondo classes.

Private Lessons

Take your practice to the next level with personalized lessons from a world-renowned Grandmaster. Grandmaster Jun provides one-on-one lessons for those looking for individualized lessons to perfect their skills. These classes are in high-demand; please call for availability.

Evening Classes for Adults

These hour long classes are designed for ages 15+ & for all levels of experience. Each class begins and ends with a bow to the instructor as a show of gratitude and respect. Warm-up exercises and calisthenics are next, followed by instructor-led Taekwondo techniques performed as a class.

Grandmaster Yung Ho Jun

Founder of Yung Ho Martial Arts, 9th Dan Black Belt

Grandmaster Jun founded Yung Ho Martial Arts in Tampa in 1974 and is still actively involved in the school at every level. Whether guiding our adult level evening classes and Qigong sessions, or providing one-on-one instruction through private lessons, the Grandmaster brings over a half-century of skill to every lesson.

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